Dear Sirs

I am pleased to recommend you Marsal Ltd. as a potential commercial and service partner during the development of the BYD network in Hungary. We are prepared to align our developments towards the brand representing future technologies.

Briefly about Marsal Ltd.:

Our business, founded and currently owned by two individuals, was established in 1990 to cater for the needs of the automotive community. Over the past 30 years, we have built a stable enterprise employing 55 people and have become a significant player in the Hungarian automotive dealership community.

Our company operates in the central part of the North Transdanubian region of Hungary, specifically in three cities with excellent infrastructure. Currently, we represent three different brands with distinct product portfolios: Opel, Suzuki, and Isuzu.

In recent years, we have consistently strived to enhance our resources, both in terms of physical assets and personnel. As a result, we operate in the fields of vehicle sales and repair, equipped with modern facilities and a skilled workforce. Our services extend beyond core activities to include all related services such as body repairs, technical inspections, car care, as well as credit and insurance intermediation. To ensure a continuous supply of skilled professionals, we have been actively involved in domestic vocational training for decades.

Over the past years, we have implemented the installation of electric charging stations and network upgrades at all three of our locations.

In order to strengthen our environmental consciousness, we have installed 90 kW solar power systems at our locations. Additionally, we plan to implement further energy efficiency investments in the near future.

We take pride in the values we have built over the past 30 years:

  • Professional and business reliability,
  • Responsibility towards our colleagues and the environment,
  • Loyalty, commitment, and continuous improvement towards our partners and brands.
With the entry of BYD into the Hungarian market, electric driving becomes more accessible through a range of vehicles that combine advanced technology with quality and a favourable price-to-value ratio. We feel that our company can fully identify with the values represented by BYD and strategically contribute to the brand’s expansion in the Transdanubian region with our three locations.


Marton György
owner – managing director